Practical guide on how to craft TOK essay within an hour

Do you want to create a theory of knowledge essay that will earn you high marks? Here is a step by step method on how to write TOK essay.

  1. Analyze the prescribed title
    Before writing your final draft, look into the title critically. Then jot down the ideas that pop up. Try to answer the knowledge questions directly.
  2. Address the title in two angles
    Imagine the topic as a law suit with two lawyers taking their sides. One lawyer is for the subject matter while the other is against it. This will require credible evidences on both sides. The claims and the counterclaims must be backed up by strong proofs. The most challenging aspect of a TOK essay is to ensure that the evidences actually support the ideas.
  3. The writing formula
    Ideally, the paper should have 4 sections.
    • The first part should be an introduction of around 150 to 200 words. The introduction should commence with an interesting story about the topic. Key words must be defined in this section. Then follows a thesis statement, which should be a brief answer to the topic question. There should be a roadmap sentence that gives the reader a preview of the rest of the essay and it should be very clear.
    • The second section in the main body is a two-paragraph part containing the main positive ideas and concepts reinforced by firm evidences. The claims must be concise and elaborate.
    • Then the third section is another 2 paragraph segment containing counter arguments. Once again the counter points must have credible evidences.
    • The forth section contains the conclusion which presents implications and significance of the essay. Explain to the audience why they need to know the subject matter. You may choose a different point of view that would interest someone else with a different experience. To sum up your arguments, restate the thesis statement and outline some lessons from the essay.

When applying the named steps for writing a TOK essay, always keep in mind that your main focus should be answering the prescribed title. The method is only effective only if you address the key questions and apply original and interesting proof. Note that the maximum word limit for TOK essay is usually 1600 words. Generally, the above structure is a good start for a great essay.

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