Selecting 5 Top Ideas for an Essay on World War 2

One essay writing skill that challenges most students is narrowing down a topic. When it comes to writing essays on broad time events like World War II, teachers expect students to produces more focused discussions. So, the important thing is to streamline the subject until the thesis statement becomes very specific. The following topic prompts can help History students come up with a wonderful essay.

  1. The cause of World War II conflicts.
    Though it’s not easy to pinpoint the exact thing that led to disputes, various rationales are attributed to this wrangle. It is conflict that affected a lot of nations. An essay on how and why the war began can appeal to many readers.
  2. Phenomena that denoted official start of World War 2.
    Before the real battle began, there were myriad circumstances that prevailed. There is no way that nations woke up on a day and decided to make wars. Nevertheless, there was a specific conflict that marked the commencement of the battle officially. Motives of the Axis Forces for instance played a major role during the war. Highlighting such causes can help readers have a clear understanding of what was at stake. It is important to find reasons why various stakeholders made particular decisions.
  3. The bloodiest events of the conflict.
    The military war resulted in loss of lives. The world history denotes the war as an occurrence with the most extreme casualties the planet has ever experienced. Millions of people died. Such a death toll can form the basis of an interesting essay.
  4. Conflict resolution strategies.
    How were the disputes settled? Any battle ends with a consensus and the World War II was no exception. An essay can be used to explore the decisions that nations made to put to an end to rivalries. Treaties that ensued can be laid out and the writer may highlight the ideas they consider to be winners.
  5. The aftermath of the global conflict.
    Even today, the scars left behind by the tremendous war are still evident. An essay can be developed to exhaust features in the contemporary society which act as constant reminders of a war that happened long time ago.
  6. A World War 2 essay introduction should start with a brainstorming session that aims at narrowing down the main focus. It should explore related questions regarding the topic. The answers to such questions become the bases of a strong thesis.

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