A Selection Of Fresh Anthropology Essay Topics

If you have to write an anthropology essay, than we understand that you may face some problems when it comes to the writing process. It can take time to decide on the topic and to find one that you find interesting. This is why we have some of the best topics for you and you can pick one to create an impressive paper. Make sure to read this because these topics are really good.

  1. Human evolution
  2. This topic is common but it gives you the opportunity to do a lot of research and analyze it. You can even try to find rare facts and make it more interesting. Analyze it and do the research.

  3. Lakota Sioux culture: Role of women
  4. You can write a cultural anthropology essay, based on the Lakota Sioux culture and how the women behaved.

  5. The modern man
  6. You can approach the paper by writing about the modern man. Try to compare him with the past and analyze this field. You can make some arguments and support them with evidence and examples.

  7. Biology: The influence on society
  8. Try to analyze today’s society based on biology and find some facts that you can use in your paper to explain it to the reader. Do the research and explore information. Make sure to use reliable sources.

  9. Health and illness: Influence on human society
  10. How do health and illness influence human society. Try to explain it and think about those influences. Find some examples on the web.

  11. Stone Age
  12. Talk about the stone age and try to explain the transition from the early years to the bronze age. This is one of the most common anthropology essay topics and you can find a lot of information for it.

  13. Causes of racism
  14. Again a very popular topic you can analyze and find a lot facts about it. Try to do the research and support the arguments with examples.

  15. Death rituals – differences
  16. There are many death rituals in the world, so try to explore them and find some interesting facts. You can create a really good paper on this one.

  17. Closed societies
  18. What are closed societies and the characteristics of it. Try to explore them and make a great essay about it.

  19. The role of art in anthropology
  20. What is the role of art in this field. Do the research and find some examples to support the arguments.

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