How To Select A Strong Essay Topic: Challenging Your Creativity

There are many ways in which you can challenge your creativity when it comes to writing a strong academic essay. For a start, the style of writing that you will be using can require you to be incredibly creative with the way in which you actually produce the work. For example, a descriptive paper will require you to use your imagination and understanding of creative language in order to develop an interesting piece of work. On the other hand, using an interesting and challenging topic can bring out the best of your creative side. However, it is important that you spend some time thinking about the topic before you actually start writing. For example, what might seem like a great topic of first can actually be too difficult to write about, even if you take a very creative approach to the work.

Coming up with ideas

One of the best ways to think of good ideas to write about is to work as part of a group. For example, you may wish to work with some of your friends and classmates, to help you think of ideas between you. In fact, the approach of “two [or more] heads are better than one” is particularly true when it comes to thinking of good ideas, as you can help to inspire each other. In fact, it is inspiration you’re looking for then perhaps you would like to look at some of the suggestions below.

  1. How does a keylogging system work?
  2. Outline and discuss the rise of oil companies in the 1920s, and what implication decisions made during that time have had on modern day political and global relations
  3. Compare organized crime with corporate crime - are there any overlapping areas of interest?
  4. In relation to the Declaration of Independence, how important is Thomas Jefferson’s quote, “all men are created equal” – and what does this mean?
  5. Music talent shows on TV have destroyed the music industry in terms of the quality of music produced
  6. The richest people in society should pay more taxes
  7. Explain the background behind Nixon’s quote, “I am not a crook”
  8. Newspapers should be forced to publish apologies and corrections for any incorrect stories, using as much detail and exposure as the original story
  9. To what extent can antivirus software detect keystroke logging software?
  10. What problems can be faced when trying to compare criminal statistics gathered in different countries?

Have an idea?

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