12 Unique College Essay Prompts On The Dark Ages

When it comes to writing a paper on the Dark Ages and history in general, we have to admit, that it can be difficult because it relies on references and facts. However, you can still write an excellent paper on this topic, you just have to know how to approach it. We can show you how to write a college essay. There are different aspects you can consider and we will help you with that. Just keep reading. Here are some of the best college essay tips.

  1. Period of war and cultural growth
  2. You can approach the paper by talking about the constant war and the cultural growth. New ideas came and a new culture was born. Analyze that.

  3. Effects on our world
  4. We can still fill the changes that were present in this age and you can explain those influences and effects.

  5. An important period in the history of our world
  6. How was this period important for us and for today’s people. Try to do the research and explain.

  7. The loss of historical materials
  8. There are a lot of materials that are lost in this age. Why did this happen and what are the consequences?

  9. Would the world be better without this age?
  10. If it never happened, would the world develop more? Try to think about this and explain your opinion.

  11. Education in the Dark Ages
  12. What’s with education in this age and time? How was it and was it important to people?

  13. Religion and politics inThe Dark Ages
  14. What was the role of religion and politis in this age?

  15. The Dark Ages may not be so dark
  16. What do you think? Did the dark age bring only bad things or is it the opposite?

  17. The paper – the transformational effect from this period
  18. Find some information and facts on this and explain this effect in your paper.

  19. The Black Death
  20. This is the result of bubonic plague. The peasant class grew and feudal system did not exist anymore. There was a reduction in population.

  21. Prostitutes and criminals as the center of the war
  22. Explain this and try to find information based on this topic. There are many examples you can use.

  23. The Dark Ages and influence on society
  24. Try to think about this age and if it was good or bad for the society. Support your arguments with evidence and examples. You should also find information about the events in this period.

Use these college essay prompts and make the best out of your paper. You will definitely be able to write excellent content based on it. We wish you good luck!

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