16 Most Intriguing Persuasive Essay Topics Related To History

There are many types of assignments that students face each day but some claim that the essay and other related section of the language arts usually makes up a large percent of their homework. This occurrence has made it possible for certain corporations to rise up and become famous for providing excellent solutions for many of the issues students face nowadays. The trick, as claimed by the scholarly students, is to get sufficient practice in every troublesome area of study.

The list below will contain sixteen intriguing persuasive essay topics related to history. I advise anyone to attempt all the titles at least once because they touch on various aspects and concepts that are studies by history students.

  1. Slavery was important in the past because there were no mechanisms that allowed people of a particular nation to build an empire without having a large workforce.
  2. There are several ideals and practices that naturally prohibits many of the people in Asia and Africa from being treated as equally as their neighboring countries. Argue this point.
  3. Many of the historical people who came out of Britain and has founded new land masses with a native race on it have slaughtered them in the name of their religion.
  4. The superpowers of the world tried to industrialize marijuana but they failed and tobacco was used instead.
  5. Most of the population of the Caribbean do not know their heritage and their history that was left in their original country.
  6. Write about the things that changed the perspectives of many Roman and Finnish people with regards to their mythologies.
  7. The civil skirmishes that occurred during the early developmental years of America within New York and Washington could have been resolved by less ignorant people.
  8. Most archaic customs of certain old world tribes will not be able to live comfortably in current times.
  9. The Vietnam war happened as a result of poor communication between rebels and US militia.
  10. The rise of the petrodollar was greatly influenced by the need for America to stay on top of the world with their reserve currency.
  11. Are the methods experts use to verify the integrity of historical data really adequate?
  12. Tesla should be acknowledged more than Edison with regards to who did more work establishing AC electricity.
  13. The french revolution should have ended after the first three years.
  14. People have claimed that psychedelic drugs allowed them to think up innovative techniques in the past.
  15. What has deodorant replaced over the past few decades?
  16. Dinosaurs are a lie perpetrated to channel the thought processes of the world.

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