Essential Points of Writing a Pro Con Essay

The world we live in requires people to look into the two sides of an issue in order to come up with effective solutions. That is why teachers give pro con essay topics to students so that they may think analytically. This is a type of an argumentative essay and a few tips can help you write it like a pro.

  1. A debatable topic.
    An argumentative topic balances the two angles of an issue. This requires critical analysis of the two sides of a given topic with equal weights. In essence, by mere look at the pros and cons, the reader cannot tell what side the writer favors. Only the conclusion and thesis statement can elaborate the standpoints.
  2. Brainstorming the pros and cons.
    During research, the pulled out data should be separated into pros and cons. This should not be the main outline but it will form a great body.
  3. Organizing the outline.
    With a list of pros and cons, you can proceed to creating a suitable outline. Here is an example.
    • Introduction: Hook and thesis statement
    • Pros and cons: You may start with any. Sort out those that relate to one another accordingly
    • Conclusion: the summary and the tied-up loose ends
  4. Writing a spectacular introduction.
    The hook in the introduction is what captures the reader’s attention. Thesis statement points out your main point of view in a short preview of the whole essay.
  5. Filling in the outline details.
    Having made an outline and put down the thesis, completing the paragraphs becomes easy. The body paragraphs are an expansion of the main ideas made in the outline. The sentences must feature a coherent flow of thoughts as well as the paragraphs. In the conclusion, make sure that the main points are summarized without necessarily repeating the thesis statement. Then all loose ends need to be tied up.

Knowing how to write a pro con essay starts with understanding the bases of an argumentative essay. And so it must feature the positives and negatives of a particular subject. It’s not all about outlining the strengths and weaknesses but synthesizing ideas and developing a clear standpoint.

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