How to make an wonderful essay on Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn essay is assigned to students in order to test how well they understand Mark Twain’s novel. An analysis of themes and literary tools are expected in the essay as shown below.

  1. The intelligence quotient of Huck Finn
    Huck Finn seems too mature as he understands more than what an average 14-year-old does. His intelligence is like that of a 20 year old man. This is especially manifested in decisions that he makes during challenging times. Across the entire novel, he continues to mature and the knowledge he gains is as a result of his own efforts. Unlike Jim, Huck does not get profound parental inspirations since Pap and Miss Watson failed him. Even though Widow Douglas was good to him, she did not influence his decisions.
  2. Poor parenting
    The dysfunctional family of Finn made the boy to practically raise himself. His dad was an alcoholic and abandoned him while he was still young. As such, Finn never had anyone to teach him right or wrong.
  3. Dilemma: The two distinct voices
    The main character struggles with two different voices all the way through the novel. One voice keeps telling him to turn in Jim while the other pushes him not to do it. This is a moral difficulty that most people face in the real world.
  4. Life and Struggles
    Huckleberry had to grow up quick in order to survive through hardships. With his mother dead and an irresponsible father, he makes ends meet via any possible means. He had to lie, steal, and break more rules. An analytical essay can be used to show how kids are brought into the world, innocent and pure. But then the society, brutal environment, and personal goals affect their character and resort to act in particular ways.
  5. Morality
    Morality pertains to being good or evil. Moral integrity of a character is determined by their choices. In the story, Finn faces several moral situations where his ethics are questionable. Through the main character, the readers learn that doing the right thing sometimes involves challenging the society’s social expectations and teachings of the world.
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