Crafting an outstanding introduction for a junk food essay

A lot of people overlook the significance of healthy diets. It is said that health is wealth and it fundamental in accomplishment of daily activities. Healthy diets are those that contribute not only to sound physical appearances but also sane minds. Students in health faculties are once in a while required to make write-ups on nutrition e.g. GMO food essay. Writing an introduction can sometimes be a daunting task especially if a student doesn’t know the ideal composition of this part of an essay. This guide explains what should be included in a healthy food essay introduction and various examples of such.

Parts of an introduction

First of all, an introduction explains the subject matter and how it is developed. One or two paragraphs can suffice. It has three main sections namely:

  1. The hook: This is an introduction to the introduction. It is basically an opening sentence that should capture the full attention of the audience.
  2. Supporting statements: These are sentences that show a connection of the hook to the thesis.
  3. Thesis statement: This is the purpose or whole plan of the essay.

Examples of introductions on junk food versus healthy foods essay

  • Dietary habits of college students
    Did you know that 21 per cent of students aged between 19- 25 are overweight and 50 per cent lead sedentary lifestyles? Studies show that the students are more likely to add weight during semesters. Junk foods are the reason why most college students have poor health.
  • Energy and nutrition in young adults
    Most people think that young adults do not mind their health as far as terminal illnesses are concerned. Recent studies have shown that the modern youths are embracing healthy nutrition plans since they fear the risk of contracting such ailments as cancer, heart attack, diabetes, and hypertension. However, a small percentage of young adults are only concerned about weight and fashion.
  • Genetically modified foods: Pros and cons
    GMOs have featured in top stories of the world. These foods have DNA composition which has been altered thus can affect the life and development of human body.
  • How effective is a food guide pyramid?
    Proper diets are not only vita for adults but also young kids. The world is full of nutrition guides but the most popular is the food guide pyramid which helps you know the best and worst diets. The guide helps you determine the portions you need per day. But is it always sufficient?

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