Professional Instructions for Creating an Interesting Essay

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I have published over 500 pieces of writing, and I have taught writing for over twenty-five years. I am passionate about the written language, but know that not everyone feels like I do.

There are some professional secrets that can help you create an interesting paper that will stand out. One of those secrets is to buy homework papers online written by professionals.

These tips, secrets, and instructions are easy to use.

Follow all traditional

and formal writing rules

Your paper needs to be typed and double-spaced. You need to know the forma you are using, such as MLA, and to follow the rules. You need to write in present tense and use third person point of view. Stay away from first and second person unless the paper is a creative piece. The margins need to be inch wide all around the paper. Your font will need to be very basic and easy to read such as Times New Roman. It will be size 12 fonts. The paper while being creative and very interesting still needs to follow all of the rules of writing.

Profesional Advice

learn from the people who make awesome stuff


A title that shows effort and is creative will be the paper that I move to the top of the stack. A great title can be found in a variety of ways. You can use alliteration such as Hemingway, a Horrible husband, was an Amazing Author.

Word choice

Your vocabulary should be at the level of your age. When you use words in 11th grade paper that a sixth grader sues and understands, then you need up your game.

Think Of grammar

On the other side, I hate to look up words in the dictionary when I am reading. It interrupts the flow of my reading. If you use a word that an educated person might not understand, then define that word for your reader.

Look at your topic from a different point of view

If your topic is usually argued or presented in one way, and then maybe look at the idea from a different perspective. I am drawn to papers that are presented differently, but still have solid research and support.

Look at secondary characters in literature

If I ask the students to compare and contrast two characters, most of the kids select the major characters. If you have to do this, you may want to look at the secondary characters. Those characters play an important role in the piece, and make for a unique approach to a paper.

Take the least argued point

If you are writing an argumentative paper, then you may want to look at the smaller arguments. Often these smaller points are hidden gems and can make your paper very creative.

sentence structure

Oppose a peer

imagine an opponent to fight with

find out what side or point of view a peer of yours might be taking, and present the contrasting view. Tell your teacher what the two of you have done, and then she can read them back-to-back for the full effect. This approach can make a job seem like a lot of fun.

Relate to your readers

with a connection

find a connection, such as emotional, and link with your reader. When your reader can connect to what you are saying, they will spend more time absorbing what you are saying. Make some connection with your reader or audience. Different forms of connection are the ethos, pathos, and the logos.

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