How To Write A 1 Page Essay On The War On Drugs Throughout History

Writing essays can be difficult and it can take time and effort. Especially when you have to compose a 1 page essay. This means that you have to put all the information on one page, which can be difficult. It also means you have to decide which information is more important and what you should include. When it comes to the topic of war on drugs throughout history, there are many aspects you can consider, but today, we will give you the most important tips, when it comes to one page papers. Make sure to follow these and you won’t face problems.

  1. Start with research
  2. The first thing you should do when it comes to the one page essay, is to simply do some research and take notes. You can gather all the information you need and save the sources you used for later, when you list references. You should visit websites that are reliable or use libraries in school or college. Make sure to use professional websites and explore your options. Try to gather the data that is only relevant to the main topic of your paper. Avoid unnecessary details and complications.

  3. Extract the important data
  4. So now that you are done with research, it’s time to extract the important information and to get rid of the data you don’t need. Make sure to read through it and to see what you need and what not. Highlight the important stuff and try to get the main ideas from it. You should think about your approach based on this research and information. You will get the idea once you start with it. When you have it all on paper, it will make sense.

  5. Make an outline
  6. Now you have the information that is important, so it’s time really learn how to write a 1 page essay, based on it. You should create the outline. An outline will help you while writing, because you will be able to get the main points from it. Try to make some points for the introduction, the sections and paragraphs and conclusion. Those points will be guides that you can use while writing. You should also pay attention to the structure and organization. The outline should be precise with bullet points and you should also have the main thesis in the introduction.

  7. Write a draft
  8. The best way to figure out if you are on the right track, is to first write the draft. If you really want to know how to how to write a 1 page essay that it good and professional, you should first know how to write the draft. This draft will only focus on the content and structure. It is like a preview of your final version. How it would look like in the end. So make sure to focus on the content and not on grammar or other details. You will pay attention to that when you write the final version. For now, you should focus on the draft and on the structure. Use the outline as a guide for it and see how this works for you. When you are done, you will be able to fix the mistakes.

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