Ecosystems has designed a pedal generator which provides a source of clean power for low-wattage rural applications where no practical fossil or renewable energy source exists. This power can be used for lighting, education, water sterilization and communication. This spring fifteen pedal generators will arrive in remote villages in Nepal. Each can produce enough electricity to provide minimum light for 200 homes, or light a schoolroom and run a television and DVD for students.

The EcoPower pedal generator is a reliable source of power rain or shine, wind or stillness, day or night. Where there are people and needs, power can be available. Wherever people live beyond a grid, they can bring power home in a rechargeable battery, held by a woman in the picture below. A “Mero Bakas”, or “my box” in Nepalese, is the rechargeable battery which she will take home and use to light her house every night for fifty days with the LED lamps shown below. This is a much safer, healthier and more sustainable method of lighting than the traditional open fires of wood or even the kerosene lamps which create indoor-air pollution and respiratory ailments.

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Finally, a report from the field: this was written in a letter by Shrijana, a member of the Ecosystems team.

”About Kholagaun: The second visit was good. It was a tough journey but the visit was very productive. I was expecting many problems but in reality it wasn't so. The lights have helped them and the villagers were excited and were expressing their
gratitude to Ecosystem team. Glad to see smiles on their face. I highly appreciate their eagerness. David once said that we are going to make difference in people's lives which we have achieved. I have seen happiness which is the most satisfying."